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I forgot to tell Tumblr: 

All of my papers this semester are on the inherent queerness of the Gothic:

"Two Selves, Side by Side": Queer Monstrosity in C.S. Lewis’s Till We Have Faces

“That must be a curious place”: Satis House and Narrative Centrality in Dickens’s Great Expectations

The Hero’s Journey in Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray (my thesis)

It’s going to be a heavy week, guys. 

I just can’t seem to rally. 

When I write drunk, I find that I’m more assertive. I mean that I’m more certain in what I argue. Sober writing typically means that I say things like, “One can assume that…” or “The text infers….” Drunk me is all, “Dorian commits suicide, yo.”


New followers! Hello!

It’s nice to meet you all. Send me asks and such so that we can get to know one another!

I just braved seminar paper season, too!

I don’t understand why people feel the need to ask for donations for inane things.

I understand that times are hard. But, times are hard for everyone if you haven’t noticed. You don’t need donations from strangers so that you can go “find yourself” on the Cliffs of Moher. 

While Tumblr is a rather close-knit community, putting a link for donations on your blog is a little rude. 

I get WAY too possessive sometimes. It’s all about a light touch, you see…

I like that I come back from people’s houses, and I smell like that place.

It’s reassuring, knowing that I’ve spent time in a place where I’m loved and wanted.

It’s been a helluva Saturday.

One good thing about comps (apart from the severe academic and literary rigor)

is that I’m learning who my friends are. They understand that this is important to me and that I’m under a severe amount of stress. When I flip out, they just take it in stride. They’re willing to bring me things when I need them and to support me when I need it.

One of my close friends said, “I’m ready for you to be done with comps. I have nothing to do.” I know that seems insignificant, but it means a lot to me to be told that. 

Drinking whiskey to deal with anxiety.

Leave me asks and submissions. 

Please. You’ll make me happy. Which is what I need. 

Oh, here it is…

The crippling anxiety that comes along with my comps. 

Cool. They’re a week from tomorrow, and I feel super underprepared. 

This is going to be awesome. 

So, today’s my birthday.

For my birthday, I want asks and submits from you. Nothing specifically for me. I want to know how you’re doing, what you’re into.

I want to get to know my followers!

Bring it on!



Goat cheese and honey toast sandwich for breakfast.

Drinking green tea and editing the syllabus for my course.

Life isn’t so bad.

Comps will be here soon enough.

Someone get me this cake for my birthday. 

Someone get me this cake for my birthday. 

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